Onde Sonore

Onde Sonore is an idea which has born in 2019 from the demand of beauty. In Andrea Palombini’s mind nature and related emotions cannot exist only as a casual experience but they have to be the texture on daily basis. From here to move your life as a musician and creator on a sailboat is a short step, thus a sports association was born with the mission of conveying the values of the sea. A recording studio follows the sailor and the music becomes the official language of communication. On 2020 he sets sail from the river Tiber for his first muscial journey in which musicians of all backgrounds will alternate at the maneuvers and to the microphones. In 2021 Federico Ortica, sound designer and composition teacher, got aboard, with his know-how to interpret and reveal the secret language of the waves in a multimedia project of interaction between music and marine sounds. Traveling from Palermo to Olbia, the recordings and navigations have become a sound exhibition that traces the miles covered and the emotions experienced, taking advantage of a less inflated sense than sight, hearing. For the future, Onde Sonore plans to continue exploring musical languages and Mediterranean coasts, each with their own secret to reveal.


Andrea Palombini, 36, trumpet player, musician, producer, on a serendipity recognizes himself in the sea, so he choosed to leave a conventional life in which he lived the saltiness marginally only for one month per year. Degree in pharmacy, master in marketing and management, he worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies and pharmaceutical manager, playing in the meantime in many projects:

He began studying the Jazz Trumpet in 2005 with Maestro Giambattista Gioia, attending courses and masterclasses and training in the Capitoline jam sessions. In 2007 he began playing with the Pink Puffers and in 2013 he attended the Jazz course at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. He studied with M ° Mike Applebaum and continued his artistic activity with various musical groups and as a session player, participating in events such as the Honk Festival in Boston and New York, the Notthing Hill Carnival, Villa Celimontana Jazz, Villa Ada Incontra il Mondo, the Edinburgh carnival, and the BLUES & LOVE SUMMER TOUR 2019 by the artist Noemi in 2019. In 2020 he conceived the traveling project Onde Sonore.


Federico Ortica studied percussions at the “F. Morlacchi ”in Perugia, he graduated in Electronic Music and New Technologies under the guidance of M ° Luigi Ceccarelli. His works have been performed in numerous international festivals. He works permanently dealing with sound for the artistic research group “Opera Bianco” (IT), Movimento creative label (IT), Procreate Project (UK). At the base of his research there is the relationship of sound with different forms of art, working on the interaction between acoustic instruments and electronic processing, paying particular attention to improvisation. As a sound designer he worked for the Qatar Olympic Games, Asian Cup, Evotek F1, Giordano Foundation and IBM. His installation “Resonantrees” for resonant forest was nominated the best installation 2019 by at Arquitectura y Diseno in Spain. He received the Gold Prize at the European Design Awards 2019 (best digital installation), the first prize for innovation ADI Design Index 2019 and the Italian Innovation Awards 2020. He teaches Electroacoustic Composition at the “F.A. Bonporti ”of Trento.